Introducing a new clean renewable energy solution that could provide the "green" solution


A "green" planet - this future could now become a "reality."

Powerful interests have long prevented the big changes we all need in energy sources, but Spintronics Generator technology just may open the door on game changing nonpolluting energy that could free us from our dependence on fossil fuels.

To date, alternative means of generating “green” electrical energy have power generating limitations, huge manufacturing time lags, and exorbitant costs, preventing them from gaining a larger share of the energy market. Now, with the high cost of energy and global CO2 problems, governments are generously funding the manufacturing and development of these clean and green alternatives to achieve carbon reductions.

The Spintronics Generator (“STG”) is a revolutionary approach in energy conversion; an open system energy cycle of electric currents consisting of electron pairs. The technology of the STG operates as both a motor and generator. It uses the production of an electric current across a conductor moving through a magnetic field (induction) as it organizes and harvests random environmental electrons. It follows both the principles known as kinetic magnetism and the laws of thermodynamics. It works at ambient temperature without destructive radiation, zero pollution or heat.

Graphic illustration of an operating STG.